Life's Little Adventures Farm, Inc.



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About Us

     Life's Little Adventures Farm, Inc is committed to helping any and all children and families that are hurting and or in crisis. By in crisis we include children whose parents are deceased or chronically ill, emotionally or mentally ill, or who are differently-abled: children who they themselves are chronically ill, differently-abled, mentally or emotionally troubled. We also welcome children who have been adopted and/or are in the foster care system.

     Siblings of a child who are like the above are included in our services since they themselves have  many unresolved heartaches and difficulties as well.

     We also serve people who have been sexually assualted or are victums of a severe trauma that has not already been listed.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on times and schedules at 330.390.3088 

Our Services

     All of our services are free of charge to all families who choose to come to our facility. Our charter permits possible alternate facility sites that may be formed in other areas of Ohio and/or in different states also.

    There will be no discrimination of any sort to persons of different cultures, races, or faiths, or abilities. All persons and families coming here will be treated with genuine concern and the utmost respect and acceptance.

Please see our services page for more info.